Exhibits & Attractions


Animal Lifestyles

Meet the zoo’s mascots, a troop of Hamadryas baboons full of entertaining antics that will hold your attention like a good movie. Also in the lifestyles building, learn about animal habitats from treetops to mountains to flooded forests.


Hall of Animals

Two exhibits, Animals in Art and Amazing Animals, highlight some of nature’s muses. Discover the amazing adaptations that animals use to attract mates, warn predators away, and survive in varied environments. Observe animals closely and draw your own animal-inspired artwork.

Red Panda

Discovery Trail

Planted pathways wind through lush gardens, marshes, and scrubland, where red pandas, dingoes, otters, and prairie dogs live. Young trailblazers can experience firsthand various types of animal habitats, locomotion, and senses.


Barn & Garden

Welcome to the farm! Babydoll sheep, pygmy goats, and alpacas are some of the friendly animals you’ll find here. Beside the barn, a picturesque garden with a waterfall, wooden bridge, and pond attracts local ducks and butterflies.

Sea Lion

Sea Lion Court

At the heart of the park, bark hello to California sea lions and relax on the terrace. Three daily feeding demonstrations for the Zoo’s noisiest residents make the sea lion pool one of our most popular attractions.